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Our partners

Landgoed de Horst provides space and accommodation to a variety of businesses and organizations, which leads to unexpected encounters, substantive discussions and a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing. All of the partners with offices on the estate have links to personal development, leadership and self-fulfillment.
Our partners are joined together by a focus on organizational development and leadership. This makes Landgoed de Horst a knowledge village and the ideal meeting place for people and businesses wishing to develop from the human side of enterprise.

De Baak purchased Landgoed de Horst in 2001 with the aim of transforming the estate into a knowledge village. Former Managing Director Harry Starren surrounded himself with people with a unique perspective on learning; together they were to establish a knowledge village. The idea was to make Landgoed de Horst the place where the Netherlands' managers and leaders could come together to learn about themes related to personal development and leadership, and also to meet and inspire.
Now, years later, a number of strong and outstanding partners have moved into offices on the estate. They each have their own perspectives on learning and on the human side of enterprise. Together we complement one another in the area of personal development and leadership.