• Landgoed de Horst

    An inspiring venue for meetings and gatherings

Welcome to Landgoed de Horst

Allow yourself to be surprised and captivated at Landgoed de Horst. This unique estate is centrally located in the Netherlands, just 20 minutes from Utrecht. The surrounding grounds provide the space and tranquility needed for consulting, learning, working, meeting and relaxing.



Dynamic and inspiring

The rich history of Landgoed de Horst dates back to 1835. A man of independent means from Zeist purchased an old farm and the surrounding land. He had a long mansion built on the site. After ownership of the estate changed hands several times, it came into the hands of Stichting Kerk en Wereld (Church and World Foundation) after the Second World War. De Baak acquired it from the Foundation in April 2001.

De Baak used this unique location to establish a knowledge village where the focus is on learning and working in an inspiring, artistic and natural environment. The original country house was restored and has become the primary meeting place of Landgoed de Horst.


Corporate social responsability

Landgoed de Horst thinks about the future. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are intertwined in our daily activities and services.. We exceed the basic requirements and we are a forerunner in the sector in this respect. At Landgoed de Horst, and also elsewhere, we support the quality of running a business and the positive long-term effects this has on people, the environment and society. We enjoy setting a good example!

Setting an example

Sustainable work practices

At Landgoed de Horst we attach great importance to sustainable employability, our social significance, unique talent and providing opportunities. Therefore we are a work placement company. At De Baak Seaside, and also elsewhere, we support the quality of running a business and the positive long-term effects this has on people, the environment and society. We enjoy showing the next generations what we do here.

Meeting rooms

Inspiring environment

Landgoed de Horst has 30 meeting rooms spread across seven unique buildings in a beautiful park and 24 hectares of woodland. Each building has its own warm and authentic atmosphere, with distinctive, multifunctional rooms with many stylistic features.

All of the meeting rooms at Landgoed de Horst are spacious, have plenty of natural light, comfortable chairs and are furnished for working and learning. Our learning rooms are not standard meeting rooms, and contribute to an inspiring gathering.

The essential office supplies and equipment are provided in each room. And each meeting room is equipped with the latest means of communication and good audiovisual equipment.

Head outdoors

Most of the meeting rooms are located on the ground floor and have their own outdoor patios where you can enjoy the changing seasons. Nature stimulates all the senses and inspires out-of-the-box thinking.

At Landgoed de Horst you rent a meeting room and also get the use of an entire estate where you can sit and relax on the lawn in the sun or take a walk in the woods. Weather permitting, an outdoor program is also possible.

We offer a number of options for bringing all or part of the gathering outside. For example, you can train in our woodland or give an outdoor presentation on the roof of our theater. Learning and presenting outdoors provides an extra stimulus and inspiring dimension to a gathering or training program.


Landgoed de Horst provides space to a variety of businesses and organizations, which leads to unexpected encounters, substantive discussions and a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing. All of the partners with offices on the estate have links to personal development, leadership and self-fulfillment. This makes Landgoed de Horst a knowledge village and the ideal meeting place for people and businesses wishing to develop from the human side of enterprise.