• Our vision

    A high-quality learning and experience environment

Our guests are our priority

At Landgoed de Horst our guests are our priority. The estate, the accommodation and our services are geared to our guests; they must be able to concentrate fully on their training program, meeting or event. We want to help our guests maximize their learning efficiency.

Learning context

Meeting, learning and connecting

Landgoed de Horst is an inspiring place in which people come together to meet, learn and connect. Our vision is geared to being able to learn effectively and allowing talent to develop. Learning and development are the focus at Landgoed de Horst, and the layout and furnishings have been chosen accordingly. In addition, all of our partners work at the interface between leadership and helping people in organizations move forward. All of this stimulates the learning context.


Responsible business practices

Landgoed de Horst thinks about the future. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are intertwined in our daily activities and services. Landgoed de Horst exceeds the basic requirements and is a forerunner in the sector in this respect. We enjoy setting a good example.

Golden Green Key

Green Key is a well-known international eco-label awarded to sustainable businesses in the tourism and leisure sector. This eco-label recognizes the fact that the participants do everything in their ability to minimize the impact their businesses have on nature and the environment in their daily activities. Landgoed de Horst is a ‘Gold Member’, meaning that we meet the highest standards.


Food & Vitality

Our culinary concept

Healthy food is considered very important at Landgoed de Horst. All of the products and dishes we serve are carefully selected to help optimize mental and physical performance.

Sports & Team Building

With 24 hectares of its own woodland and park in the woods of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Landgoed de Horst is an ideal venue for team-building or sports activities. This makes a nice addition to a training program, meeting or other gathering that is predominantly content-based. The team-building or sports activity can also be booked as a standalone activity.

Art & Poetry

Stimulating art

Art is a source of inspiration. Various works of art, carefully selected by curator Jan van der Veer, can be found at Landgoed de Horst. From visual arts to prose and poetry. At Landgoed de Horst, art is more than just decoration. Viewing art and reading poetry enhance the experience and stimulate the imagination.

About Landgoed de Horst

Landgoed de Horst is an unique and inspiring learning environment and meeting venue located in the woods of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Please contact us for more information or an individual offer. Naturally, you are welcome to visit our estate. We would be happy to meet with you and arrange a tour.